Brechfa Nedra Competing

Brechfa Nedra

Born 2007; Chestnut filly;
15 h.h+ WKPN X

LW Show Cob

A total pleasure

Her sire is from top show-jumping lines and her dam was the kindest mare we have bred. These qualities can be seen in her temperament, her love of work, and recently, in her show jumping ability.

She is a star trail-hunting. Ridden by the Master and a 12 year old rider, she is brave, sensible and well-mannered.

Moor FArm Show: Pre-Novice Jumping: 1st
Novice Jumping: 3rd
Pembrokeshire Bridleway Show: Working Co: 2nd
Ridden Cob: 3rd
Clarebeston Road SHow: Ridden Cob: 2nd
2 clear rounds Show Jumping


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