Brechfa Cai & Brechfa Brynach
Ridden by Amy Tough & Millie Davies

Brechfa Farm Stud

Quality sports horses bred for temperament

Founded in 1988, Brechfa Farm Stud’s aim has been to breed quality sports horses – for Working Hunter and Hunter classes; British Eventing; Show Jumping and Sport’s Horse Classes and Team Chasing.

Most of our brood mares have been home bred. Temperament is a key factor when brood mares are bought and is an important quality in the choice of stallions.

Our well-handled youngstock are kept in small herds on our mixed farm in Pembrokeshire. Living on varied terrain they become sure-footed, used to water, other animals, as well as farm machinery and traffic.

2019: a very good start of the year…

Brechfa Brynach qualified for the R.I.
Brechfa Rhyzard qualified for the R.I.
Brechfa Kaden qualified for the R.I.
Brechfa Cai had already qualified for the R:I.
Brechfa Baruch qualified for:

  • the Welsh National Championship
  • the Regional Championship
  • the Novice and Intermediate Championships
  • at the Festival of British Eventing, Gatcombe

Brechfa Ietta 1st at B.E.Llanymynech

Outstanding Showing and Eventing Record

We consistently have a strong presence in the Show Ring, in a range of Sport’s Horse Classes, winning at County level; Qualifying for the Royal Internal and CHAPS Championship Shows; qualifying for HOYS; winning BSJA competitions; and eventing up to CC12* at Blenheim.

2014 saw our home-bred stallion, Brechfa Brynach, win the Supreme Championship at the Royal Welsh Show.

2015 was another amazing year both in the Show Ring and British Eventing. Three of our horses qualified for the 2016 R.I.

2016 started with Brechfa Brynach qualifying for the R.I. at Oakhampton and Champion of the R.I. classes. Brechfa Cai and Brechfa Cynog qualified for HOYS and we have again had a very good show and eventing year (see competing).

2017 was another very good year. Brechfa Brynach qualified for both the R.I. Non-traditional Ridden Coloured class and the Working Hunter class. See competing page to see how well our horses have done.

2018: Another successful year.
Brechfa Brynach qualified for R.I. Non-traditional Ridden Coloured Class.
Brechfa Cai qualified for the 2019 R.I. Working Hunter.
Brechfa Berwyn: Royal Welsh Show: 2-3yr old Sports Horse: 1st and was Group Champion.
See Competing for all our results.

Selection of youngstock

We always have a selection of youngstock for sale: yearlings to young competition horses. Visits are always welcome and extra information is regularly added to the website.

Some of our prize winners

  • Brechfa Brynach

    Brechfa Brynach

  • Brechfa Cai

    Brechfa Cai

  • Brechfa Wenna

    Brechfa Wenna

  • Brechfa Ceridwen

    Brechfa Ceridwen winning coloured and hunter classes

  • Brechfa Kaden

    Brechfa Kaden

  • Brechfa Windrush

    Brechfa Windrush

  • Brechfa Medrod

    Brechfa Medrod

  • Brechfa Mabel 11

    Brechfa Mabel 11

  • Brechfa Cynog

    Brechfa Cynog

  • Brechfa Phryne

    Brechfa Phryne

  • Brechfa Baruch

    Brechfa Baruch

  • Brechfa Hanno

    Brechfa Hanno

  • Brechfa Berwyn

    Brechfa Berwyn

  • Brechfa Ninian

    Brechfa Ninian

  • Brechfa Meira

    Brechfa Meira

  • Brechfa Cynara

    Brechfa Cynara

  • Brechfa Mirain

    Brechfa Mirain

  • Brechfa Ietta

    Brechfa Ietta competing BSJA and BE

  • Brechfa Thor

    Brechfa Thor starting his show career

  • Brechfa Rhyzard

    Brechfa Rhyzard

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