Cutsdean Windrush

Brood Mares

Cutsdean Windrush

WB Tobiano; 13.2 h.h Reg; CHAPS; BSPA; SHBGB

Successful Show Mare

By Prix St George Dressage stallion, Centyfor and a quality Polish WB mare, this very smart mare has successfully competed In-Hand and in Ridden classes both as a Sports Horse and Non-Traditional Coloured classes. She has qualified for both CHAPS and BSPA’s Summer Championship Shows. (See Competing)

She is producing quality youngstock.


Kwartet Arlequin
Centyfor Polish WB Elite Stallion Balise
Cenzuka Markiz
Dzahangir WLKD Nil WLKP
Diana Polish WB Dzamuna WLKP
Pela USZL Probus SI

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